Dawn over Dubai

This is a weird idea I've always wanted to try, and thought it was worth sharing. I took a series of shots from 4:30 to 8:00 AM on top of the Burj Dubai and carefully blended them to show a progression of time from left to right..


The Burj Khalifa towers above the rest of Dubai...


A hike along Euclid Creek in Ohio is awesome in the fall, if you can stand the freezing water....

Northern Shores 2

Same beach at night, lights courtesy of Erie, PA and some canadian cities.

The 22nd Path

It's been a long dormant dream to capture the milky way in all its glory. Indeed a sight that no human should lack witnessing at least once, this was taken near Cherry Springs Dark Sky park in Pennsylvania. One exposure for the sky at 30 seconds and high ISO, and another at 301 seconds and low ISO for foreground.


When I moved to the northeast, I was sad to discover a distinct lack of canyons. Further research revealed that they were merely called something different here. Glens, hollows, gorges- whatever they're called, they're some of my favorite places.... This one is in New York, and it's called Watkins Glen.

The Storm

Snowstorm looms above majestic Zion. This is a place I have to get back to in the summer, I bet it's even more striking with foliage. :)

planet china

First attempt at a tiny planet. Perhaps a bit oversaturated, but I figure realism is out the door with this kind of shot anyways. This is a 22 image pano of Shenzhen, China. It's one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and has an amazing skyline. I especially like the building that is shaped like a mustache. :)


Water flows as it has for time almost unimaginable, carving the rock into fantastic shapes.

Petrified Fire

Antelope Canyon in Arizona is one of the most photographed spots in the southwest, but with good reason. The stone here defies gravity and belief, creating what surely must be one of nature's masterpieces.

Box canyon falls

A very challenging shot- not only extreme dynamic range, but the rocks were slippery enough that even my tripod had a hard time.


Falls in New York state...

Cedar Breaks

Sunset pano at the Cedar Breaks national monument in Utah.


Infrared shot of the upper gorge at Letchworth State Park, NY.

Ricketts Glen

A peaceful stop along the Rickett's Glen trail.

Hall of Giants

Redwoods in Oregon tower over the ferns below.